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Don't know whether to repair or replace?

Give us a call. In many cases we can give you a rough estimate of repair costs over the phone.

Service Rates

We don't use gimmicks and semantics to trick you and to insult your intelligence like advertising "no service call with repair". We want you to know exactly what you will be paying.

If the vendor is advertising "no service call with repair", ask them (or yourself) "How then would you get paid if you actually do my repair?" It seems to us that these companies would rather not do your repair, but just charge you a service call then leave with your money.

We do not charge a 'Trip Charge' which is a way of the servicer saying its their charge just to arrive at your house. Instead we charge a Service Call which covers our arrival and the first half hour of service.

If you are shopping for rates, please ask whether they charge a "Trip Charge" and will you pay that each time they arrive (including return trips with parts). Many of our competitors will charge you this rate each and every time they arrive, including calls that are covered by warranties and return trips with parts. We will charge our Service Call only once for the same repair regardless of whether we may have to return with parts or if it is within our warranty period.

Our Service Call is guaranteed for the same repair for 30 days or more.

Service Call - $69.00

Our Service Call includes the trip and first half hour of service. Most of our repairs are completed within this first time frame. Shoud a repair be a major service or take an extended period of time, we would then charge our hourly rate or portion thereof after the initial Service Call.

Hourly Rate - $60.00

Our Hourly Rate or portion thereof will apply should a repair become extensive and require labor beyond the first half hour.

We will first give you our best estimate and get authorization before proceeding. There are occasions where it is not economically feasible to repair an appliance. We will give you our opinion and options if we think this is could be the case.

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